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20 Apr 2021: Got the Covid Blues? How to energise your people to do great work

Over a year into the global pandemic, many of us feel the weariness of multiple lockdowns. Being cooped up at home and at arm’s length from our colleagues is causing many people to lose heart. Leaders everywhere are facing the challenge of keeping their people engaged and energised whilst the turbulent times continue.  Here are […]
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27 Jun 2020: Beyond strongman syndrome: Leading in stormy times

What can we learn from leaders who are successfully navigating these unpredictable times? This post explores how, when leaders bring a fusion of power and grace to their actions, we all benefit. Beyond strongman syndrome Leaders who are effectively moving through the current stormy times have something in common. They embody a combination of qualities […]
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29 Apr 2020: How to communicate effectively during corona virus

Having a meaningful conversation can be challenging at the best of times. When we want to speak about something that matters – whether with a family member, colleague or friend – many of us withdraw rather than talk. We decide that it’s not the right time, we don’t have the necessary skills or that the […]
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6 Mar 2020: What builds bridges between people?

What question lies at the heart of your work? What are you most curious about? Why do you do what you do? I’ve always been interested to know what turns around a failing relationship, a de-energised team or a fragmented group. A relationship can deepen or go awry based on a seemingly tiny occurrence: a comment, […]
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2 Mar 2020: How to have better dialogue – Introducing the Four Interventions

How can a leader convene better dialogue? What can a leader do to generate new insights, fresh energy and aligned action? In what way can a leader participate more skilfully in the systems they lead, whether an intact team, a project group or a network of stakeholders?  In my experience there are four key interventions that […]
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2 Feb 2020: The most important leadership skill of all

Deeper listening is one of the most critical skills that a leader can develop. When people feel heard, it unlocks collaboration, builds trust and allows new ideas to flow. Big doors swing on little hinges. Listening is a vital hinge on which effective leadership pivots. Twenty years ago, I decided to explore becoming a psychotherapist. […]
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9 Jul 2019: Powerful how-to’s for you and your team

How do you and your team make the critical shift that will lift your performance? […]
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17 Jun 2019: Finding your true work

This post explores how to find your true north in your work. […]
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20 Feb 2019: Breakthrough Conversations

How can we deliver outstanding results – something that my group, as it operates today, cannot achieve? […]
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20 Feb 2019: How leaders can build trust across the whole organisation

Building trust not only between individuals but also systemically – between teams and across a whole organization – is vital for enhanced business performance and employee wellbeing. I offer three practical solutions for increasing trust through better quality dialogue, more constructive challenge and healthy interactions between teams at different levels.  Trust, not authority, is the […]
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