Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah Rozenthuler
C.Psychol, BA, AFBPsS

Sarah Rozenthuler is a Chartered Psychologist, a leadership coach, a dialogue consultant, and a motivational speaker.

She is the author of Powered by Purpose: Energise people to do great work (2020), with a foreword by Paul Polman and How to have Meaningful Conversations: 7 strategies for talking about what matters (2012, 2019), with a foreword by Neale Donald Walsch.

I engage and energise people to do great work

An International Consultant

Sarah has over 15 years’ experience as a consultant to global organizations such as Discovery Inc, Boots, Savills, NatWest, BCG, Book Trust and Choice Support.

She has worked with CEOs and their teams, facilitated sessions for networks of NGOs, and given talks at international summits.

Sarah’s areas of expertise include leadership development, relationship building, dialogue and Purpose.

Sarah’s Purpose Journey

From civil servant to dialogue coach

“While working as a psychologist at the Cabinet Office in 2000, I joined a ‘dialogue’ training programme. This communications methodology promised to help us access collective intelligence via the art of thinking together.

We began by sitting in a circle. Each person said who they were, where they were from and why they were there. As the ‘check-in’ unfolded, the room swelled with the richness of human experience and the joy of connecting.

Between formal sessions, our dialogues were agenda-free. How easily the conversation flowed! Unlike in the civil service’s stilted, stale meetings, I found myself on fire with the creative ideas and insights emerging in the group.

On the final morning, I awoke early and sat bolt upright, energy surging up my spine. ‘This is what I want to do,’ I whispered to the dawn. It made so much more sense to communicate this way, with each voice valued so new thinking could emerge. Lives could change!

A year later, I left civil service security to carve out a career as a dialogue coach. Over 15 years, I facilitated authentic dialogue to build trusting relationships amongst financial planners in a global energy company, CEOS in the South Asian not-for-profit sector, UK NHS professionals, and many others. I saw this kind of conversation create shared understanding, leading to fresh insights and energy for action.”

From dialogue coach to purpose pioneer

“Around 2015 I started to notice a pattern. When groups of leaders engaged in conversations about purpose, their perspectives shifted.

For leaders who did more of the same — restructuring, reviewing targets, refining processes — nothing significant changed. For leaders who grappled with purpose-related questions — Why are we here? What are we about? What do we offer that engages our stakeholders? — wellbeing and performance improved.

I saw how authentic dialogue with a compelling purpose transformed teams. Instead of ‘stuck’ meetings where one or two people dominated, talking about a shared purpose encouraged diverse team members to contribute ideas. I learnt how to help groups navigate the inevitable messiness of conflict as they confronted fundamental questions. A shared purpose helped to pull people together, despite competing agendas and personality clashes.

My work now focuses on creating environments for deeper dialogue and connecting people with a compelling purpose. Seeing transformative tools make a real difference to people and outcomes buzzes me every day.”

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