How to discuss what really matters

Research says that 70% of managers avoid having difficult conversations.

This leads to poor decision-making, a cynical atmosphere that rots communication, and people competing rather than collaborating.

Avoiding difficult conversations saps our energy, keeps us feeling stuck and blocks positive outcomes.

Now We’re Talking, the latest book by Sarah Rozenthuler, aims to overcome the obstacles that stop you from having a difficult conversation and use ‘authentic dialogue’ tools so you can move from avoidance or breakdown to breakthrough.

You will learn how to:

  • Use the Four Secrets so you can better tackle the conversations you dread most
  • ‘Find your ground’ and prepare to have a difficult conversation
  • ‘Build a bridge’ and create rapport
  • ‘Read the room’ and intervene effectively
  • ‘Hold space’ and navigate conflict

Discover how to apply cutting-edge tools so people talk about key issues, strengthen their relationships and uncover the hidden possibilities in difficult situations.

Reviews of ‘Now We’re Talking’

Read what business leaders and senior management have to say about the latest book ‘Now We’re Talking.’

The heart of transformation

“Having the right conversation is at the heart of transformation. Sarah’s book shows how to do this, with practical examples that leaders can adopt. This gives new ways to relate to employees and run executive and board meetings.”

Dr Andrew White, Senior Fellow in Management Practice, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, CEO of Transcend Space and 2050 Leadership Podcast Host 

Expand your ability

“Read this book if you want to expand your ability to have the important or difficult conversations – whether with yourself, in your private life or at work. A skill so important right now and none better to lead us to success than Sarah!”

Alexander Hiller, Managing Director, Russell Reynolds Associates

A must read for those focused on the power of purpose and what matters most

“Cultivating the right mindset for engaging in authentic dialogue is essential for effective leadership in today’s complex and dynamic world. In an age of profound ‘polycrisis’, Now We’re Talking is a must read for those truly focused on the power of purpose and what matters most.”

David Hartman, Ambassador of Canada to the Philippines

'Now We're Talking' is the latest book release by Business Coach and Chartered Psychologist Sarah Rozenthuler. Available to buy now.

An inspiration and tonic

“Much of my work consists of enabling conversation, often challenging conversation, among senior leaders in the church. This book is both inspiration and tonic – full of ideas which I hope to imitate and adapt, while at the same time nailing and calming the fears which could otherwise derail. Thank you, Sarah!”

The Rt Revd Dr Jo Bailey Wells, Bishop for Episcopal Ministry in the Anglican Communion and Deputy Secretary General

Ideal for leadership and management

“JFK once said ‘leadership and learning are indispensable to each other’– this book provides the ideal basis for those in leadership and management positions to reflect on what more they can do to develop their skills, become an active listener and learn how to effect positive change.”

Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow.

A wonderful toolkit for tackling difficult conversations

Now We’re Talking builds your understanding and grows your skillset with its step-by-step process to having richer, more connected conversations.

A wonderful toolkit for tackling those difficult conversations – with your boss, employees, family or in your personal relationships – with confidence.”

Niamh Dowling, Principal and CEO, RADA

Eminently practical and beautifully researched

“Eminently practical, this beautifully researched, accessible book is an absolute must for any leader wanting to handle difficult conversations with greater care and skill. The tools shared here are easy to follow and have the potential to be real game-changers for those wise enough to try them out.”

Paul Williamson, Group Head of Talent Development, Ambassador Theatre Group